Founded by Sudharman in 2001, the Whole Life Society offers Integral Yoga classes throughout the week, as well as specialty classes, teacher training, and wellness events. 

phone: (570) 966-2484

email: integralyogacenterpa@gmail.com


428 Market Street

New Berlin, PA 17855


Incorporated in 2010, The Whole Life Society provides comprehensive wellness programming to help individuals, families, and communities lead full, healthy lives. We partner with like-minded groups to create a climate of openness and inclusion and operate as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We focus on easeful physical exercise, nutrition, mindfulness and stress reduction, and establishing social connections through special events, music, and informal gatherings.

At the Whole Life Society's New Berlin Center, we offer classic Hatha Yoga classes, wellness events, and trainings. Our many instructors continue to add new certifications to help those with specialized needs.

The Whole Life Society and Integral Yoga operate out of a building in New Berlin, Pennsylvania, which has historical significance as a church and seminary with direct lineage to Albright College. In 2014, the Whole Life Society assumed the mortgage on the building and is in the process of rehabilitating the structure.