Patrons + Sustaining Members

Since opening its doors in 2001, the mission of The Whole Life Society has been to provide yogic principles and practices, wellness services, and holistic educational programs to guide individuals to lead easeful, peaceful, useful lives. As we flow through our 17th year, now as a 501(c)(3) organization, we continue working to expand our specialized programming, having the capability to serve every body.

With this goal in mind, several of our instructors have earned additional training above and beyond their original Hatha 1 Integral Yoga certifications. Because of the devotion of these teachers, the center is able to offer specialized classes and programs throughout the year, including Yoga for Cancer and Yoga for Anxiety and Depression.

We are looking for individuals, organizations, and businesses to join us in our vision by becoming Patrons of the Whole Life Society. The financial support provided will help to fund additional teacher trainings, administrative costs, and class-specific equipment for our expanding specialized programming. To provide financial stability for these new offerings, we are requesting that Patrons consider a commitment to provide their support for a three year period. Please join us and play an Integral part as we continue to reach out to those in need. See Patron levels and current donors below.


Sustaining Members

The following group of individuals has demonstrated a deep devotion to the continued growth of our Center and have served as sustaining members over the past several years, contributing at least $1,008 annually. We thank each and every one of them for their commitment to the health and well being of our members and our special place of peace.

Keri Albright

Lynn Guziec

Cheryl Hoover

Jim Mathias

Barb Reed

Alfred (Gus) Schultz

Cynthia Smith

Christine Trembly

Paul and Vivienne Vidunas



Lotus flowers have long been symbols of healing and renewal, growing from the bottom of muddy ponds, rising above the water to bloom. Become our first Lotus donor by giving $5,000 or more.

Photo by  Virginia DeBolt

Dolphin Pose

With their perpetual grins, the dolphin's altruistic nature is a model for us all. To help another is one of life’s greatest gifts. The following donors have given at least $1000.

David and Clayton Lightman

Diane Dogan Hilliard

Cynthia Smith

Jim Mathias

Keri Albright

Christine Trembly

Lynn Guziec

R. Paul Vidunas, Jr. DMD, PC Dental Services

Gus Schultz

Jennifer Shaffer

Beth Burchfield/Cheryl Hoover

Photo by  Ayleen Gaspar

Photo by Ayleen Gaspar

Mountain Asana

Solid and sublime, silently weathering storms year after year, mountains are a source of quiet stability around which everything else changes. The following donors have given at least $500.

Kenneth and Jeanne Hafer

Photo by  Stacey MacNaught

Tree Pose

With branches reaching skyward and roots firmly grounded, trees embody balance, grace and eternal hope. The following donors have given at least $250.

Jim and Susan Chlebowski

Joan Herman

Lewisburg Reiki

Photo by  Etienne

Photo by Etienne

Child's Pose

Open, spontaneous, giving. May we all maintain the sense of wonder of a child. The following donors have given at least $100.

Front Porch Insurance Corp. DBA Meixell-Diehl Agency
Dr. John Pagana FAAFP LLC

Dr. Jessica Pagana-Defazio FAAFP LLC

The Natural Food and Garden Store

Steve and Sherry Cusick

Michelle Schlenker

Susan Mathias