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Reiki Level 1 Certification Class

Another chance to take Reiki LEVEL 1 this year!

We have expanded and supplemented existing Level 1 content to include MORE theory, MORE hands-on and yes... HOMEWORK! Most helpful, is the incorporation of a thirty-day self-care journal system SO THAT... students can acquire an accurate and effective summary as to what daily Reiki self-care has accomplished. This Level 1 log is submitted at the 30-day follow up class, where Reiju is given again.

This new class is again offered on Saturday, October 28 from 10 am until 4 pm.
Level 1 Certification
Focus: Self-Care
“The energy of Every. Living. Thing.”

Class begins with our “Basics of Energy Theory” lecture, when students learn about energetic physiology and the energy pathways of the body. A foundational understanding of HOW the human body circulates energy is critical to understanding WHY Reiki is such a powerful tool. A great deal of “discovery learning” hands-on work happens next, where we begin to develop a working vocabulary about energy qualities: amplitude, texture, intensity, movement vs stagnation and so on. We learn the seven diagnostic sensations felt in the fingers/hands during treatment and what they mean. We then teach and practice numerous methods of self-care.

Tuition: $125.00
Materials Receipt: Proprietary Lewisburg Reiki Practice training manual, Reiju (attunement), Level 1 Certification, follow-up class, resource list, access to private Lewisburg Reiki Practice business FB group, access to LRP staff for questions, etc.

Reservation REQUIRED     

Call us at the Whole Life Society at 570-966-2484 to hold your spot.


Instructor - Nancy Giuntini

Nancy has lived in Lewisburg since 1992 and founded Lewisburg Reiki Practice to provide powerful, proven and personal health care support to our community. She is a USUI Reiki Master Teacher specializing in Asian healing arts studied at the International School of Shiatsu, the Upledger Institute for Craniosacral Therapy, Blue Poppy Enterprises (Acupuncture theory) and Jin Shin Jyutsu, Inc.  She offers over 2 decades of experience working with area clients.  A graduate of Bucknell University she brings many years of teaching and administration experience in education, which make learning from Nancy fun, challenging and rewarding.  She is on staff in the Energy Methods Group at Evangelical Community Hospital for the Cancer Care SurviveWELL program. 

To find out more about Nancy or Lewisburg Reiki Practice, visit or call (570) 713- 9422.