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Raise the Region



The Results Are In


Due to the generosity of 35 donors, $2,950 was raised during this year's Raise the Region Campaign!

And this is not including the additional money we may receive based on potential matching funds. During the 7:16 pm Minute Challenge,on March 14th, we had 8 people sign-in and contribute $50. We also had 8 folks send in their $100 contributions during the 7:16 pm Minute Challenge on March 15.

We will know our grand total in approximately 20 days when we receive our check from the FCFP Raise the Region

organization. Stay tuned......

A Very Special Thank You To The Following People For Their Cash Contributions and To Those Who Helped With Phone Calls and Emails Encouraging Folks To Donate During this 2018 Campaign:

Sherry and Steve Cusick
Michelle Wert and Andy Seal
Trish Brill
Matt Hackenburg
Shirley Salter
Lori Buttorf
Jeremy Duke
Chris Wysocki
Heather Snyder
Collete Franz
John Cooper
Amy Kline
Michael and Liz LaBant
Gus Schultz
Jim and Susan Mathias
Ted and Diane Meixell
Susan and Jim Chlebowski
John and Genie Gerdes
Josh and Jessica Grill
Eva Hurliman
Cindy Culp
Melissa Ferguson
Pamela Moore
Christine Trembly
Jane Mulrooney
Marianne Menapace
Linda Basom
Jennifer and Steve Shaffer
Cheryl Hoover
Jessica Pagana DeFazio and Craig DeFazio
Diane Dogan Hilliard
Lynn and Frank Guziec
Paula and Drew Christy
Keith Moyer
Michael Gray
Lynda Burns
Mark and Rebecca Cox
Leslie Patrick and Dr. Richard D. Waller
and three anonymous donors

We deeply appreciate your continued support of our Special Place of Peace in New Berlin, PA
We couldn't do it without YOU!